Do You Need a Home Inspection Before You Buy?

A home inspection is an important task to take care of before you buy – it can reveal problems you were unaware of, and resolve them before you buy.

Buying a home is a huge financial decision and milestone for many of us. After months of searching, it’s normal to jump at the opportunity to buy the house you believe is the right fit. However, going in blind when purchasing property can result in huge problems once you’re handed the keys. It can happen that there are underlying issues that could have been revealed with a thorough home inspection, and better yet, resolved by the original owner. Let’s take a look at exactly what a home inspection can reveal and why it’s worth the investment.

Home Inspection Contingency

One of the first reasons why a home inspection is of value is that it can be used as contingency in your contract with the seller. A contingency clause provides that if significant defects are revealed under the home inspection, you can back out of your purchase offer without penalty, within a specific timeframe. This provides a great opportunity for you as a buyer to identify any major issues with a home before closing on the purchase. 

How Does a Home Inspection Work?

When you work with JC Merritt to arrange a home inspection, you can rely on over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our team is highly trained in thoroughly examining homes and producing reports that will cover the findings for you. 

During an inspection, our team will do the following:

  • Radon air test
  • Radon in water test
  • Well test
  • Septic test
  • Full walk through of the home with reports and/or photos (this includes all the spaces in the home – from the roof to the basement, attics, garages, crawl spaces, mechanical rooms, and other buildings on the property included in the sale).

We’ll also check for code violations, potential expensive issues or future problems that you may not spot in a regular walkthrough. We pride ourselves on keeping you informed every step of the way, so you can feel confident about purchasing the property.

At JC Merritt, we make it easy – you pay for an inspection based on the size of the house, and we’ll fix anything we find at a discounted price. Contact us today at (860) 355-8238 to schedule a home inspection!

  • Home Additions

    If you’re ready to expand your living space and create a larger footprint to your current home, JC Merritt, Inc. is ready to help. We are experienced contractors and can bring your project from an idea to full reality!

  • Home Remodeling

    When it’s time to update your home, turn that unused attic or basement into functional space, or give your house more curb appeal, JC Merritt can handle it all – from small jobs to complete structures.

  • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

    Now is the perfect time to update your kitchen or bath! Forget trendy fads – JC Merritt’s designers and craftsmen can bring your outdated spaces into the ultimate classic modern style. From farmhouse to contemporary, we do it all.

  • Shoreline Restoration

    JC Merritt, Inc. has extensive experience helping shoreline homeowners protect their property from erosion and complications. We can fix nearly any structural problem you might have, and can help prevent further damage from happening.

  • Structural Repair

    We have the necessary equipment to lift and repair your home or building, including historical structures. Our unique knowledge of older buildings rivals any other and we aim to preserve antiquity and value to the area’s historic buildings.

  • We Handle Insurance Claims

    If you’ve experienced an emergency situation, JC Merritt can help be a liaison with your insurance company and submit your claims directly to your carrier. Our goal is to create as little stress to our clients as possible during difficult situations.

Emergency Services 24/7

Don’t hesitate to call us day or night in an emergency. We respond quickly if you’ve experienced a flood, ice damming, a fallen tree, a break-in, or any other type of situation where you need our help to get your home back to safety. Our clients are like our family, so give us a call! 860.355.8238

Other Services We Provide

Here are just some of the types of projects we can work on!

  • Home Inspection
  • Commercial Property Inspections
  • Commercial General Contracting
  • Design Build Construction Services
  • Value Engineering Services
  • Excavation Services
  • Site Utilities
  • Pool House
  • Construction/Remodel/Renovation
  • Deck Construction/Remodel/Renovation

  • Cedar Roof & Oiling
  • Basement Remodeling
  • New Home Construction
  • Home Entertainment Rooms
  • In-home fitness rooms
  • Saunas
  • Steam Showers
  • Post & Beam Buildings
  • Foundation Replacement & Repair
  • Site Drainage Work

  • Insurance Repair Work
  • Property Management for Out of State
  • Homeowners
  • Property Restoration Management Plans
  • Footing drains, building drainage
  • troubleshooting
  • House Jacking
  • House Moving
  • Barn Repair