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Shoreline Restoration

Keeping Our Shoreline Beautiful

Icon_BasementShoreline Restoration is a division of J.C. Merritt devoted to the preservation of our shorelines. The structural approach we take attempts to prevent erosion by using techniques such as “Armoring” which involves building revetments, seawalls, detached breakwaters, groins, etc.

Structures that run parallel to the shore (seawalls or revetments) prevent erosion.We work with the D.E.P. and different shoreline excavation contractors to get you the best expertise and the best experience to solve shoreline erosion problems and any situation.

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Our goal is to provide the smoothest experience for our customers. We’ve spent 30 years building relationships, so contact JC Merritt Inc. today to learn more about how we can help you with your shoreline erosion problems.

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