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Renovation vs. Remodeling

home remodeling westport ctSometimes we are asked “What is the difference between a renovation and a remodeling job?”

Renovations often consists of updating, fixing or replacing some or all of the following: cabinetry, counter tops, showers/baths, vanities, lighting, flooring, painting and/or adding decorative finishes.  Renovating is the perfect option for someone who wants to update, rather than remake, their space entirely.

Redesign Your Space

Remodeling redesigns the space. During a remodel: walls may be moved or completely removed, the space would be configured and evaluated for optimum use & other major changes to the structure and/or design of the building. When you work with us we create detailed designs with specifications. These then outline everything to show you what the reconfiguration will look like.

Redesigns also tend to resist certain desired features that you may want to implement due to environmental factors, structural incompatability & so on. If that’s the case & it’s simply not possible or feasible to implement something you want we will let you know! We’ll also offer other solutions to substitute whatever the purpose was of the original design!

Keeping this in mind JC Merritt Inc. can complete any project you are interested in achieving & even give you more than you original bargained for! We understand that your home is something precious that you hold dear & we want to make sure that any project undertaken by us is excatly if not better than what you expected to see on the last day of construction/renovation/remodel!

We’ve spent 30 years working in the general contracting industry building relationships & making our clients happy! Contact JC Merritt Inc. today to learn more about how we can help you with your Home Renovation or Remodel!

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