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Icon_Additional-Home-Space JC Merritt Inc.One area that JC Merritt Inc. has not slowed down in is the area of building home additions. Sometimes a homeowner decides they need a bigger home or a bigger space but can’t justify selling their home , so instead  they get additional space! We offer you the best bang for your buck with expert advice & craftsmanship that is second to none in the general-contracting industry! You’ll get ballpark prices, an expert analysis & even a FREE estimate on your project when you do business with us.

Homeowners frequently choose to add home additions as the best course of action for them instead of selling their home. This can be a big step. With the help of JC Merritt Inc. being a general contractor, you can rest all of your worries with us. Working with JC Merritt Inc you only having to deal with ONE SOURCE instead of many (electrician, carpenter, mason, plumber etc.). That not only eliminates hassle but if you wanted something done you would only need to contact us not Joe from Electricians Industry Corp!

Get Peace of Mind

No matter what your reason for building any home additions, JC Merritt Inc. has extensive knowledge in all the necessary fields and works with lifelong, skilled, TRUSTED & ethical sub contractors who can put together any home addition you are looking for while adding equity into an already positive investment.

Our goal is to provide the smoothest , quality & professional experience for our customers. We’ve spent 30 years building relationships , acquiring expert skills, working professionally & making additions happen! So contact JC Merritt Inc. today to learn more about how we can help you add additional space to your home!

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