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Not consulting a contractor during the design

This is probably seems like the most obvious mistake but it’s more deceiving than it first appears!

Basically every project has 4 phases.


1) Demand – The idea for a new bathroom, porch, altered layout & etc becomes a demand with some kind of budget that is formulated to accomplish the demand


2) Design – what it might look like, what the purpose of the project is, this also includes either modifying or adhering to the formulated budget


3) Pricing – Obtaining an Actual Cost


4) Construction


Whether or not the budget is close or not is irrelevant to this first mistake rampant among homeowners when they move to a design! Which is, they don’t include the contractor in the conversation! The contractor can give ball park costs for different ideas and the homeowner can weigh them against his/her estimated cost number. Everything is understood to be rough and numbers are taken with a grain of salt, but this very important step prevents a lot of wasted time, effort and heartbreak!



The next largest mistake every homeowner makes is not ensuring that the bids from different contractors are apples for apples. So much value is lost in the step! During the Pricing step, it is common for homeowners to get 3 bids and select one for construction. However, often the bids are not for the same work. We’re not talking quality here. I am talking about actual scope, what is included and what is not. Smart contractors see things in a job that are going to be required and include that in the cost. Dumb ones don’t, they miss or intentionally leave it out. They often know these other charges make the project cost more & that’s precisely why they leave them out. So that they can win the big & get the job.

Then the Homeowner has 2 or 3 bids that aren’t quoting the same work. If the client were to read & comprehend each bid they would often see that there is a very good reason for the lower bid and the higher bid.

Keeping that in mind is very important when hiring a general contractor!
Hope that was helpful guys!

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What was your biggest mistake while doing a home remodel?

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